Saturday, January 17, 2015

We're Having A Baby!

It was January 13th, 2015 and I was supposed to get my period that day.
I had been feeling a little weird, for the last couple of nights I had been waking up in the middle of the night hot, sweaty, and my sense of smell was ridiculous!
I woke up that morning, went to the bathroom and noticed that my period hadn't come.
I had some pregnancy tests under the sink and thought, "why not?" so I went ahead and - for lack of better words - peed on a stick!

The little window fills up, and I see one line forming, then after a minute or two there's another line!
Yup, I'm pregnant!
I hid the pregnancy test, got dressed and went to work, not saying a word to Jaime.
It didn't feel real, I just went on with my day, worked, tutored, then went back home like usual.

When I got home I took another test, and saw two lines again.
Ok, I'm seriously pregnant!

So I went on Amazon and ordered a couple of daddy things, t-shirts, books and a pin.
2 days later I got all the stuff in the mail (Amazon Prime FTW) and made Jaime a basket to tell him.
In the basket:
2 Daddy Books, 2 T-Shirts (The Man Behind The Bump & Super Dad), Dad To Be Pin & 2 Positive Pregnancy Tests.

He had just gone for a run, so he came back home and I was locked in the room, he immediately starts to knock, "What are you doing in there? Let me in!" - can't a girl get some privacy?!
I let him in and he sees the basket.
"For real..."
He's excited, I'm happy... We are going to be parents in September!